1 point submitted 1 day agoSUCH good memories go now of preC1 and C1 dayssss! Huge server rivalries with no server transfers, territorial guilds assassinating people that trespassed on farming areas, clan and alliancemates stalking entire dungeons on PVP guard duty while your clanmates worked off a HUGE red karma count from assassinating rivals that refused to go purple. Huge groups of bounty hunters chasing Reds all over the world, trying to provoke rival guilds into going purple so they get ambushed by a posse hiding down the path, dramatic betrayals that bled out into huge forum post keyboard warrioring, listening with bated breath in Teamspeak while your clanmates enchanted THE ONLY Bow of Peril on the server just for clout! God!Legitimately never had a better MMO social experience, IMO. The life was HARD, which made the stakes so high.I hate this argument.

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