To do this, we first go to the Visual Basic Editor and right click on the “Microsoft Excel Objects” and select Insert > Module. Under the tree structure, you will see “Module1.” Now go to Insert at the menu and select “Procedure.” Make sure that “Sub” is selected under “Type”, “Public” is selected under “Scope” and “All local variables as Statics” is unchecked. Type something under the “Name” box as you prefer.

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Yee (the inimitable Tony Leung) and the woman, Wang (Tang Wei), will go on to have a dark and detailed set of trysts, each more carnal and sweatier than the last. Lee’s camera doesn’t show a hint of timidity as it sways around every curve and canal of each lover’s body, at times so penetrating that one wonders if Lee’s precursor was Michael Winterbottom’s Nine Songs. It’s not Ledger spitting in his hand before he gives it to Gyllenhaal, but it’s not far off..

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