China has 60+ ICBM and Russia has 300 400. Contrast this with 44 interceptors for the US ground based midcourse defense system. The system is far from reliable, so multiple interceptors would be needed to ensure a kill on an enemy missile. I had expected First Second Books to putRead More →

replica bags aaa quality 15 points submitted 1 day agoI voted for him as leader (second choice after Tanya Granic Allen) for social conservative reasons he promised to scrap Wynne horrible sex ed curriculum. He completely flopped on that. So on the one hand I pissed that he lied toRead More →

Psychological damage or damage to the nervous system: our body seeks to maintain homeostasis dildos, being it the balance of certain factors such as body temperature dildos, hydration, satiety (hunger) and so on. Homeostasis is, for the most part, regulated by the hypothalamus. If some physical or biological damage occursRead More →