Then getting out of it and, along with most of the audience, the intense feeling of having been ripped off. Just looking at each other like “wow. That was terrible” before tearing it apart.. I repeat DO NOT use a PJC, if you get another speeding ticket of any amount,Read More →

Klamath is a terrible food town, but there’s a little diner, a waffle place, that cooks with sugar crystals in the batter. It’s super sweet. I was in Minnesota, can’t remember what town, and I found a Cuban restaurant. I thought starfish earrings silver, no way. But it was openedRead More →

canada goose clearance sale DRAFT STRATEGY AND RANKINGS TIERS:Carlos Hyde, RB, Browns (6.61): Hyde looked very good in the second preseason game for the Browns, and it seems that he is currently the starter. Nick Chubb may eventually take some carries from him, but Hyde still has proven to beRead More →

If they had stayed for much longer I had planned to call animal control to check them for microchips and try to find their owners that way. One of my cats is very smart, the other is a moron (but one of the cutest cats you ever see). Both wouldRead More →